Scandinavia Adventure Travels is specialized in skiing and hiking in Scandinavian mountains and forest. From our basecamp, in Fjätervålen, Sweden, we offers guided tours, expeditions, courses and rental of equipment. Most of our tours are tailor made adventures for private guests, groups and travel companies. Contact us or book any of our opened adventures.


Dayhikes in south Sapmi

The southern gate to Sapmi is located in the north of Dalarna, Sweden and extends over the border to Norway. This is the place we live in all year around and therefore know it really well. The area have a lot of protected land and unicue wildlife, landscape, history and culture.
Join us for a day hike full of experince. Read more

Multi day hikes with tent

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a beginner we have a multiday hike for you. With a tent as our camp we are free to where ever we want and explore remote parts of the area that we hike in. Read more

Multi day hikes – cabin to cabin

In our home area and in other locations in both Sweden and Norway there is a lot of remote cabins that we can use for hikingadventures. On the picture you see one of our favorites that was built during the end of the 18th century. Read more

Let`s go skiing or snowshoeing

Day tours – Nordic backcontry skiing

The area in south sapmi, Dalarna, Sweden offers worldclass conditions för nordic backcountry skiing. This is like hiking but with a portion of playfullness when we glide downhill. We offers daytours for begginners and experts and everyone in between.

Multiday skiing with pulka and tent.

To be out on a skiexpedition with everything you need in a pulka can be extreme. But it can also be relaxed even for a beginner. We offers skiexpeditions over several days but also lunch to lunch tours for you who want to experience the feeling to sleep outdoor during a cold and dark midwinter night.

Multiday tours – cabin to cabin

To ski away from civilization to a remote cabin where we fetch water from a hole in a frozen lake and warm ourselves near the stove is a relaxing experience that can influence how you perceive your life today. We have tours for begginners and experts

Photo: Felix Oppenheim. Location: Nipfjället, Dalarna
Alpine skitouring

If you want to explore the higher mountains in our home area alpine skitouring/backcoyntryskiing is the best way to do it. We offers daytours and know where to fins the best conditions for the day.


Certified guides

We only work with guides who have the right certification for guidning in Scandinavian Mountains and for the current activity. We also ensure that they have good local knowledge of the area in question in order to provide our customers with the best possible quality

Member of VISITA

We are members of VISITA which is a Swedish organization for the travel and tourism industry. We have a statutory travel guarantee for package tours

What about food

Food, energy and fluids are an important part of a multiday adventure. we want it to be easy to carry, provide enough energy for the task, taste good and include elements of local specialties

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